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FLAC3D Introductory Training Course - Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
16 mar. 2020 - 18 mar. 2020
FLAC3D V7.0 Training Course November 2019
ICL Office, Shrewsbury, UK
26 nov. 2019 - 28 nov. 2019

FLAC3D TMis a numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, and structural support in three dimensions. FLAC3D is used in analysis, testing, and design by geotechnical, civil, and mining engineers.

This FLAC3D V7.0 training course accommodates new and experienced users. It will be based on examples that attendees will develop and run by themselves to better grasp the mechanics of using FLAC3D V7.0, the key underlying calculation principles and the spectrum of available features. Attendees are encouraged to bring one of their specific cases that may be discussed.

Curso 2019: Seismic and Liquefaction Training
Los Angeles, California, USA
14 oct. 2019 - 16 oct. 2019
Introducción a FLAC3D 7.0 . Curso de Formación
Ecully, France
1 oct. 2019 - 3 oct. 2019
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Introducción a FLAC3D 7.0 . Curso de Formación
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