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Griddle Version 2.0 has been Released | Learn What's New
21 ene. 2021 - 21 ene. 2021

Griddle 2.0 Has Been Released! Join us for a webinar on "What's New in Griddle 2.0?"

Evaluation of impacts of lahars on structures using DEM numerical modelling
19 ene. 2021 - 19 ene. 2021

Lahars represent natural phenomena that can generate severe damage in densely populated urban areas. The evaluation of pressures generated by these mass flows on constructions (buildings, infrastructure…) is crucial for civil protection and assessment of the structures’ vulnerability. The existing tools developed to model the spread of flows at large scale in densely populated urban areas remain inaccurate in the estimation of mechanical efforts.

Rime Chehade is currently developing a discrete numerical model (PFC3D) for evaluating debris flow impact pressures at the local scale of one structure.

WEBINAR: What’s New in 3DEC Version 7
1 dic. 2020 - 1 dic. 2020

This webinar is for people who have used 3DEC before and are interested in the latest developments.

Webinar: Simulating Hydraulic Fracturing in Jointed Rock using XSite
12 nov. 2020 - 12 nov. 2020

This webinar will demonstrate setting-up a hydraulic fracturing model in jointed rock using XSite. An overview of XSite and a discussion of the simulation results will also be discussed.

WEBINAR: 3DEC 7.0 for Beginners
10 nov. 2020 - 10 nov. 2020

This webinar is for people who are new or occasional 3DEC users, or those just interested in learning more about it.

Using Rigid Blocks in PFC
15 oct. 2020 - 15 oct. 2020

This webinar provides a brief overview of PFC modeling using convex rigid blocks, including example applications ranging from rock-mass behavior to granular flow, and highlights important tip and tricks and modeling challenges.

Learn More About FLAC3D 7.0
21 may. 2020 - 21 may. 2020

Learn about the major new features and improvements in FLAC3D version 7.0.

The Art of Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics
27 feb. 2020 - 27 feb. 2020

Presented by Dr. Peter A. Cundall: Numerical modeling is widely used in Geomechanics for design and diagnostic purposes, but there is an art to using the software tools correctly. It's not just a case of plugging in the data, and hitting "run". We need to understand the underlying physics, and whether the model properly represents it.

Novedades en UDEC 7
3 dic. 2019 - 3 dic. 2019
Modelización de Elementos Discretos de los cimientos de una presa
26 jun. 2019 - 26 jul. 2019

Aprenda a modelizar cimientos de presas utilizando el método de elementos discretos con UDEC y 3DEC en la 26ª clase ISRM Online.

Modelización de Bloques unidos en 3DEC
22 ene. 2021 - 22 ene. 2021
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