InSite-Design 3.16 was released February 4th, 2020.

InSite-Design™ is a specific module of our InSite software developed to allow the user to inspect, analyse and model seismic array designs in an intuitive way while providing access to a range of advanced tools for manipulating the data.

  • All features are accessed from a single WINDOWS program making the software user-friendly and easy to install.
  • The data management system allows the user to easily input, navigate and manipulate the data set.
  • InSite-Design is 'scale independent' allowing the same processing functions to be applied to data recorded over millimetres as data recorded over kilometres.
  • InSite has a very simple file structure that wraps all parameters. This removes the need for any text configuration or data-storage files. InSite then allows the user to export the required data into accessible ASCII formats.
  • InSite consists of a number of tools each designed to carry out a set of related processing and/or visualisation functions.

Technical support is provided by geophysicists with experience in commercial projects in the oil & gas sector. We offer open software training courses and can provide bespoke training solutions for companies online or in person.

InSite-Design Updates

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